Award Competitions:

WAVE - Western Access Video Excellence, Alliance for Community Media - Western Region - Presented by the Alliance for Community Media, the Western Access Video Excellence Awards give media producers in the Alliance for Community Media, Western Region's six states, the opportunity to showcase their best work.

Hometown - Hometown Media Awards, Alliance for Community Media - National - Presented by the Alliance for Community Media, the Hometown Media Awards (previously called the Hometown Video Awards) honor and promote community media, and local cable programs that are distributed on Public, Educational and Governmental (PEG) access cable television channels. Awards are presented to creative programs that address community needs, develop diverse community involvement, challenge conventional commercial television formats and move viewers to experiences television in a different way.

CreaTV - CreaTV San Jose is a community media center that manages San Jose's public and education channels on Comcast Cable and online. CreaTV San Jose inspires, educates and connects San Jose communities, using media to foster civic engagement. The CreaTiVe Awards are held annually to honor community media makers throughout the Bay Area who promote and celebrate individual expression, learning, diversity, arts and civic engagement. Finalists are selected from entries submitted in nine categories, including Citizen Journalist, Non-Profit, Student, Educator, Business, Bay Area Community Access TV Series, CreaTV San Jose TV Series and Filmmaker.

SF Commons - SF Commons is San Francisco Community Access television and has been housed at Bay Area Video Coalition since 2009. It provides to city residents, who want to produce a community access TV show, the neccessary resources such as access to video equipment, a television studio, low-cost training, and a time-slot on the local access channel. Local producers create media that matters to them and their communities, covering a wide range of issues, topics and interests. SF Commons recognizes producers who have volunteered their time and talents with awards presented at a year-in-review celebration of their work.

BACE = Bay Area Cable Excellence - This award competition, presented yearly in Newark, CA, was limited to access programs in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was terminated as of 1999.

Our List of Awards

Competition Year Category Award Show #
WAVE 2019 Magazine Show - Community Producer Winner 361
WAVE 2015 Special Audience Programming - Community Producer Winner 323
SF Commons 2015 Community Content Winner 323
WAVE 2012 Talk Show Issues Winner 282 World AIDS Day Edition
WAVE 2012 Magazine Format Winner 284
Hometown 2012 Magazine Shows Winner 276
CreaTV 2011 Citizen Journalist Winner 269
CreaTV 2011 CreaTiVe Excellence-Producer Finalist 278
WAVE 2011 Community Event Winner 278
WAVE 2011 Magazine Format Finalist 277
WAVE 2011 Special Audience Programming Finalist 270
Hometown 2011 GLBT Programming Winner 270
Hometown 2011 News - Non-Professional Winner 269
CreaTV 2010 Citizen Journalist: Finalist LGBT Teen Suicide segment
CreaTV 2010 CreaTV San Jose TV Series Finalist 266
WAVE 2010 Magazine Format Finalist 266
WAVE 2009 Community Event Finalist 254
WAVE 2009 Magazine Format Finalist 250
WAVE 2009 Magazine Format Finalist 249
Hometown 2009 Gay/Lesbian - Non-Professional Winner 245
WAVE 2008 Community Event Winner 242
WAVE 2008 Community News Winner 242
Hometown 2008 News - Non-Professional Winner 227
Hometown 2008 Gay/Lesbian - Non-Professional Winner 230
WAVE 2007 Community Event Winner 191
WAVE 2007 Magazine Format Finalist 230
WAVE 2006 Magazine Format Winner 218
Hometown 2005 Gay and Lesbian Talk Show Winner  
Hometown 2002 Gay and Lesbian Talk Show Winner 158
WAVE 2000 Community Event Finalist 135
WAVE 2000 Special Audience Programming Finalist 143
Hometown 1998 Gay and Lesbian Talk Show Finalist  
WAVE 1998 Community Issues Winner 115
WAVE 1998 Special Audience Programming Finalist 114
BACE 1998 Talk Show Series Winner 114
WAVE 1998 Community Event Finalist 123
WAVE 1996 Talk Show Finalist 86
BACE 1997 Issue Coverage Winner 102
BACE 1997 Talk Show Series Finalist 101
BACE 1996 Talk Show Series Winner 86
BACE 1995 Talk Show Series Winner  
BACE 1994 Talk Show Series Finalist